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We’re based in Ipswich Qld, Australia. Blockdotmininginc is an Australian limited company registered in Asic as (Block D pty ltd)(No. 162 453 045). Our registered office is IPSWICH QLD 4305, Australia. We are authorised and regulated.

No. We are not regulated to give you advice on whether investing is right for you. If you’re unsure, you should always seek the advice of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

Currently you can invest or fund your account using Bitcoin,Perfect money,Bitcoin cash,Litecoin,Ethereum,Usdt(Erc20 and Trc20) and other payment gateways listed on the investment page on your back office

Any individual (except for persons under the age of 18; as well as citizens of any countries where the Company does not provide their specified services).

Your account will be active immediately after registration.

Yes, all Miners carries an element of risk, but Blockdotmininginc help you minimize the level of risk you’re comfortable to take. Our five-point scale lets you choose from a 'cautious' (low-risk) approach. We also build you a diversified Mining plan, meaning we don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, we spread your Funds (eggs) out across a number of different assets and markets (baskets).

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Blockdot mining Limited is registered under the ASIC Companies House Company number 162 453 045.
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